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Common Member Scams

Protect Yourself & Your Money:
Please Be Aware of Common Member Scams!

Fake online dating profiles lure victims into giving them money. Scammers often claim to be out of the country or in an emergency situation. If you have not met in person, do not send them money!

Advanced Fee:
Victims are enticed to wire upfront fees for a fictitious promise of receiving a gift of money.

Fake Check:
Victims deposit a fake check (typically for more than what they are owed) and are asked to return a portion of the money to the scammer. After the money is returned to the scammer, the check bounces, leaving the victim at a loss for the money.

Seniors are tricked into sending money or gift cards to help out their “grandkids,” pay for services or pay a fake debt.

5 Signs of a Scam

1. It sounds too good to be true

2. Someone  you don’t know contacts you unexpectedly

3. You’re asked to pay in an unusual way like gift cards, money order or wire transfer

4. You’re told monetary action needs to be taken immediately

5. You’re asked for personal information like social security number or home banking login info

As your financial institution, we are here to help you!

If you think you are being scammed, contact us right away at 771-5000 before giving out personal information or money.