Fee schedule

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account.


Type of Fee Amount
Lost or stolen ATM/Debit Card Replacement One card: $5.00
Two cards: $7.50
Visa Gift Cards $3.00
Automatic Funds Transfer1 $5.00
Membership Entrance Fee No Fee
Draft Printing Varies
Certified Check FREE
Money Order Varies
Deposited Checks (and other items) returned unpaid $25.00
Garnishments, Attorney Fee, Restraining Order or Subpoena $25.00
Non-sufficient Funds Item (each) $25.00
Non-sufficient Funds ATM Withdrawal $25.00
Non-sufficient Funds Preauthorized Withdrawal $25.00
Courtesy Pay $25.00
Account Activity Printout (per page) $1.00
Account Research (per hour) $10.00
Account Balancing Assistance (per hour) $10.00
Stop Payments (all items) Member Share Draft $20.00
Credit Union Check Stop Payment $25.00
Copy of Draft $1.00
Credit Union Check Made to Third Party $1.00
Send Check Certified Mail $6.00
Mailing Fee to Members of Requested Check $0.75
ATM Fee (non-authorized locations only) $1.00
Dormant Account Fee (monthly charge)2 $2.50
Travel Card (reloadable) $10.00
Fax Fee 1st page: $3.00
2nd page: $1.00
Wire Transfer Fee (outgoing) $20.00
Loan Late Fee $5.00
Bill Pay Non-User Fee (Signed up for Bill PAy but not using) $5.00
  1. Automatic Funds Transfer: This fee will be applied against your
    Share Draft Account(s) when funds are automatically transferred
    from your Share Account to your Share Draft Account.
  2. Dormant Account Fee: We will charge a $2.50 monthly fee
    to inactive accounts under the following conditions:

    1. The member is 19 years of age or older
    2. The account balance is less than $100
    3. The account has had no activity for 12 consecutive months